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Artist Statement

This is my mixed media work representing Eve. The archetype of the first woman/mother of all living is endlessly fascinating to me. I have a feeling this may be the first of many explorations into the idea of the divine yet human feminine ideal.

I honor our mother Eve for her courageous choice. Her pose is part prostrate, in supplication to the divine after a tremendous marshaling of all her spiritual energy.

The connected hands represent an enmeshment of attributes, or the precarious paradoxes of our reality: pain/pleasure, virtue/vice, strength/sensitivity, heaven/hell.
We are constantly bearing up under the weight of these realities in our choices, as dictated by the whole and bitten apples on the frame. Our choices literally "frame" our reality!

The effervescent butterflies contrast nicely with the monumental figure, and remind us that growth, change and metamorphosis are essential for progress.

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