• lynde mott pleasant grove utah artist
    • Truth Seeker
    • Public Speaker
    • Devout Esoteric Leaning Christian
    • Former Air Force Brat
    • BFA from BYU in 1997
    • Mental Health Coach
    • Historical and vintage clothing connoisseur
    • Committed Organic(flowers and veggies!) gardener
    • Nutrition Ninja
    • Wife to a marvelous musician, frame making, serotonin producing and personal ethics coach husband
    • Mother to 3 sons: an educator, an engineer and a therapist
    • Grandma to two, way above average grandchildren
    • Aspiring Spiritual Alchemist
  • I love painting!

    And, I love how the painting process is always so smooth and delightful.

    Ok. Let’s take a pause and be brutally transparent.

    I actually don’t enjoy painting. It is tedious and almost always boring. There are thousands of problems to solve in every session. It is like taking the ACT every single day.

    Creative, "make work calisthenics" are often my alternative to avoid painting, ie: clean the bathtub, water the plants, organize the pantry…again.

    And gardening? It will break your heart. As many plants die as survive. I have a literal graveyard of labeled concrete fruit tree stepping stones from all the trees I’ve loved before.

    But for sheer wretchedness, you can’t beat sewing. A series of sad sighs accompany all my seamstressing endeavors.

    In fact, with the notable exception of my children, nothing I have created has lived up to my noble original conception.

    This is not perfectionism, it is Surrender.

    I surrender to my limitations, and I go to work.

    I accept the reality that I paint and do creative projects because it is just barely less painful than not painting and doing projects. And we’re talking 51% vs. 49% here.

    I give in to the demands of my unquiet mind that can only be quenched with making tangible the intangible ideas that already exist in my imagination.

    It’s a painful, blessed unrest.
    But no one is born without their work being born with them. And art is often a beautiful lie that tells the truth.

    This is my work. I respect it. I am loyal to it despite my shortcomings and frustrations.

    May we all be loyal to our Sacred Contracts.

    May you be blessed in your work.