2 hour sessions

At my home in Pleasant Grove,Utah (or over FaceTime)

$120 per session

What is the unique, customized emotional health mindset recipe that enables us as complex individuals to thrive despite the difficult vicissitudes of modern life that tends to make us all mentally ill?


Trying to answer this, as well as cope with my own existential struggles has led me to train, both formally and informally, in a number of unique modalities.  They include: 

  • IPT (Integrative Processing Technique-also called Emotional Processing)
  • NMT (Neuro Modulation Technique)
  • Healer’s Blueprint
  • Emotion Code 
  • 10 Point Priority
  • Foot Zoning
  • Art Therapy
  • Nutrition- Food as Medicine (Specializing in the understandings and recommendations of Anthony William)

As a constant Truth seeker I often will incorporate myriad of other ancient and modern techniques and philosophies as well as practicing and encouraging our own intuition and innate wisdom.

I am not, however, a licensed therapist.  If that is important to you please find help through those credentialed channels.  

This work is a unique opportunity to do some archeological digging into your own psyche.  I’ll be here to guide you and facilitate some emotional hygiene in your life.