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Pricilla and Aquilla

Pricilla and Aquilla

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Artist Statement

There are six references in the New Testament to a dynamic couple named Aquila (a Jewish Christian) and his Roman wife Pricilla or Prisca (Pricilla is an endearing derivative or nickname,)
They housed Paul in their home in Corinth, where they all worked together as tent merchants for a time.

Later they joined Paul in his missionary journeys to Ephesus, where they encountered an eloquent preacher in Apollos from Alexandria. Having been a devotee of John the Baptist, Apollos was versed in much scripture and prophesy.

Pricilla and Aquila took him aside and explained to him, "the way of God more accurately" including the Savior's death and resurrection and the mystery of the church containing both Jews and Gentiles. Acts 18:24-26

I love this power couple's example of hospitality, competency and partnership. Though the ancient world largely reflected a patriarchal emphasis, this couple shows us how cooperation is the enlightened hallmark of genuine human thriving.

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