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Artist Statement

I would like to develop in our minds the reality of our Heavenly Parents. More conspicuously though, our Mother in Heaven.

The in the LDS tradition holds the inviolate Truth that the fullness of the Priesthood is only in a divine, sealed pair. Or in other words, “God” is defined as a exalted man and an exalted woman. Our Heavenly Father is not a eternal bachelor.

I sense that the Divine Feminine has always been hidden in plain view. Consider that an ancient symbol for the “mother goddess” was a white dove. When the Savior was baptized the heavens opened, the Father’s voice was heard, and perhaps, encapsulated in the Holy Ghost descending as a dove was also the presence of our Mother’s Spirit, further sanctifying and witnessing to the work of Her son.

I wonder further, if we may look forward to a day when we will come before the Father with our brother and Savior at our right and our Mother at our left, both in perfectly balanced roles of intermediaries and advocates before God on our behalf.
Here in this life meanwhile, we are coming to the enlightened understanding that both patriarchy and matriarchy are perversions. Only in genuine partnership will we embrace all of our humanity and opportunities. In partnership we will transcend the apparent paradoxes of strength and sensitivity, destruction and healing, separating and binding.

The decoupage in the background of the painting further delineates the variety of feminine roles through time, all of which our Heavenly Mother balances perfectly, including; solidarity and cooperation, demure and vivacious, heroic justice and tender mercy.

Instead of a gaudy, worldly bejeweled crown she wears an ancient symbol for free flowing love, pink roses. This transition from patriarchy to partnership will only come about through a cleansing bath of love unfeigned and genuine forgiveness.
She has been weaving the threads of her own chrysalis for generations. Now she will lift this veil of protection, not oppression, to emerge into full expression.

Those who have eyes to see will see Her. The time is right and ripe for us to see that She has always been with us. She will move from elusive to definite as she comes forth to train us to have the courage to create “The peaceable things of the Kingdom. Bright as the sun, clear as the moon.”

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