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Additional sizes available ~ Contact Lynde for pricing.


Artist Statement  

This painting was born out of a desire to appreciate and illustrate the many facets of a woman’s spiritual and creative life. The variety of birds represent different priorities that need to stay on the radar!

  • Noisy Chickadees- Daily duties
  • Passenger Pigeon- Embracing the present season
  • Kingfishers- Spousal Love and commitment
  • Raven- Looming temptations and trials
  • Wise Old owl- Intellectual Pursuits
  • Exotic Parrots- Creative Endeavors
  • Dove- Spiritual Aspirations

The lace dress reflects inner beauty and femininity, but over the lace the figure wears a practical apron to be prepared for the messy labors of life. Her gaze is focused on the home and family represented by the nest.

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