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A Mother's Prayer

A Mother's Prayer

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Artist Statement

Joseph Smith once told his mother, Lucy Mack Smith, "Oh my mother, how often have your prayers been a means of assisting us when the shadows of death encompassed us."

One such experience can as Joseph and Hyrum Smith were traveling to Missouri on "Zions Camp." During this trip, many in the company, including Jospeh and Hyrum, were struck with cholera. Joseph relates, "We were scarcely able to stand upon our feet...and we were greatly alarmed fearing that we should die in this western wilderness...when Hyrum sprung to his feet and exclaimed, Joseph we shall return for I have seen an open vision in which I saw mother on her knees under an apple tree praying for us and she is even now in tears asking God to spare our lives that she may behold us again n the flesh and the spirit testifies to me that her prayers and ours shall be heard."

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